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LTO Ultrium-3 400/800GB

MAXELL 183900


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Maxell's LTO Ultrium 3 cartridge employs Neo SMART Technology. Neo SMART (Super Maximum-capacity Advanced Reliability Tape) integrates seven leading-edge technologies in the manufacturing of ultra-high capacity magnetic tape media, and supports future tape capacities in excess of 1 Terabyte. Neo SMART technologies consists of fine metal particles, advanced dispersion, ultra-thin coating, superior calendering, highly precise slitting, precision servo track writing, and high-performance cartridges. A key component of NeoSMART is Maxell's Nano CAP (Nano Composite Advanced Particles) technology, which provides extraordinary tape performance.

Capacity: native 400 GB / compressed 800 GB
Transfer Rate: 40 MB/sec native
Durability: 1,000,000 tape passes
Cartridge Memory: 4 KB